Home Automation: The Future Has Arrived

home automationImagine having a system in your house that enables you to monitor and operate all the electronic devices in the home remotely. Home automation, sometimes referred to as domotics refers to the technology that enables the control of everything from lighting, TVs, home theater equipment, phone and even security in your house from a remote device. Offering innumerable benefits, the technology is simply amazing. This technology has received accolades as one the most profound advancement towards a smart world. Below are reasons why this fact might be actually true.

Full control of your environment

A smart house offers you the total freedom to control every single facet of your environment. Of course security being one of the many aspects. With a smart system in your offer, it is easy to personalize any room with reference to light, music, temperature and mood. Of great significance, any changes at any particular time can be achieved by programming the system to effect the changes.

Remote control

It is one of the greatest successes of this technology. As obvious as it may sound, it enables you to control any aspect of the house connected to the system from almost any location in the universe. For instance, when you are at work or on holiday, you can monitor your house, adjust the alarm and security system, control the multimedia system to record your favorite program, or turn on lights before your kids get home. Immediately you get to the house, it is possible to access the program from any room and comfortably enjoy it.

Energy conservation

With issues of global warming and energy use on the rise, energy conservation is definitely a priority for many homeowners. This technology takes the ability to conserve energy to another level. It is the most effective way to manage water and energy usage. An energy management software is used to monitor and generate detailed reports of energy usage for every device according to the month, day, hour or time. With that, it is easy to make informed decision with reference to energy usage. Additionally, moisture sensors can be installed into the system hence your flowers and lawns will only be watered when necessary. It is possible to program lights to go off at a specific time or when there is no person in a particular space.

Immense security options

There exists no other way of achieving a user friendly and comprehensive security system than a smart home system. It is easy to manage video and voice intercom systems, security cameras, movement sensors and activated systems on such a system. For apartments, elevator control and door release options can be employed. With photoelectric beams and reed switches, it is possible to have a homeowner notified every time the garage door stays open for a preset amount of time.


A house will serve you well if it works as an integrated entity instead of a whole bunch of different components. This technology offers homeowners an opportunity to achieve this kind of integration by connecting all components of a system under one umbrella system. After determining and setting your preferences, the system seamlessly makes everything possible. Remote control of everything takes the convenience to a higher level. You can transform your house into anything you want while you are in another continent, another city or just the next room.

Information gathering

Smart home systems are an ingenious information gathering tools. They are immensely accurate and will not easily mishap on details. They are particularly applicable for large houses or apartments where residential managers need to perform an accurate and strong collection of data on energy usage, security and hence be able to manage shared spaces in commercial structures. Even smaller units can enormously benefit from huge chunks of information collected on energy and water consumption.

True, as stated earlier, such a great technological advancement has already beckoned. The ingenuity of how you can possibly have such an amount of control over your house is amazing. The benefits of the technology are of monstrous proportions. It is a must-have system. It is luxurious and exclusive but most importantly the system secures your home in ways never achievable before. In a word, it is the next big thing.